5 Offbeat places in Northeast India for your post Pandemic travel-list:

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

North-east India is like a treasure box, precious jewels inside but not known by many. The whole places in northeast states can be considered as offbeat destinations as it is not much explored when we compare with other parts of India.

Here are 5 of the offbeat places for you to put in your bucket list:


A place of pristine calmness where the clouds come down to kiss the land. Anini is in Dibang Valley district of Arunachal Pradesh, yet to be developed but that will be forgotten when you will see it’s shimmering mighty mountains and the meadows covered with lush green colour. A small town with a very small population of 2500 which is why it makes a perfect destination to visit after the pandemic.

For more adventure one can proceed to Mayodia Pass (Indo-China border). For a change you can go to Mayodia to experience snowfall and adventure rather than going to North of India.


Many tourists visiting Meghalaya pays a visit to the view point where one can see the beautiful Nohkalikai Falls. But little do they know that they are missing the whole beauty inside the forest of Nohkalikai and the breathtaking experience to stand on the edge of the point from where water falls down the tallest plunge waterfall in India.

When you trek down to Nohkalikai falls you will find naturally cut down rocks forming mini pools with crystal clear water and cute local made ladders to climb the rocks. There are some mini waterfalls looking like part of some grand hotel.


The picturesque view of gentle rolling hills covered with dread clouds, looks like it’s straight out of a storybook. When the sun rays touch this lush green valley, flower dance to the wind, and trees rustle to sing for you, that’s when you know what heaven means.This paradise is located in borders of Nagaland and Manipur.

Many of you must have already put this exciting trek on your bucket list but it’s still an offbeat place as it’s not been much explored if we compare it to the popular Himachal treks. It’s a perfect serene retreat to escape from your regular turmoil.


Situated in the heart of Assam is the Majuli Island, the largest river island in the world. This island nestled amidst the pristine Brahmaputra river will not disappoint you with its unparalleled beauty and rich culture. The excitement starts from the very starting point of the journey when you get on the ferry to reach Majuli, well, that’s the only choice of transport you have.

There’s no doubt that it’s a beautiful serene island but also the people there are amazing and kind. You will find amazing tribal handicrafts like wooden masks, colourful weaved clothes, etc. There number of local homestays with amazing hospitality by tribal people. We recommend to at least stay a day with them, you will find another family in them.


Khonoma is Asia's first ‘green village’. This beautiful green village is in Nagaland. The land of Angami tribe of Nagaland is famous for it’s rich forest, the unique form of agriculture which includes oldest terrace cultivation in the region. Not to forget the history of how brave Angamis fought against British and defended their land very strongly.

If you visit this village not only you will get to see another beautiful part of our country but you will get to learn other chapter of our country’s history which is not included in our books. Also, it’s a great place to introduce yourself to Naga lifestyle. If you go about 10km ahead you will find another beautiful village i.e. Dzuleke village, where you will find perfect picnic spots/camping spots.

So who is up to go on a treasure hunt? 😉

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