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Buses go almost everywhere in India and are the only way to get around many mountainous areas. They tend to be the cheapest way to travel. Services are fast and frequent.places like Agra and Jaipur have daily services from Delhi .

Roads in mountainous or curvy terrain can be perilous; buses are often driven with wilful abandon, and accidents are always a risk.

All buses make snack and toilet stops (some more frequently than others), providing a break but possibly adding hours to journey times.

State-owned and private bus companies both offer several types of buses, graded loosely as ‘ordinary’, 'semi-deluxe', 'deluxe' or 'super deluxe'. These are usually open to interpretation, and the exact grade of luxury offered in a particular class varies.

Ordinary buses tend to be ageing rattletraps while the deluxe grades range from less decrepit versions of ordinary buses to flashy Volvo buses with air-con and reclining seating.

On any bus, try to sit upfront to minimise the bumpy effect of potholes. Never sit directly above the wheels. Earplugs are invaluable on long-distance trips.


The cheapest buses are ‘ordinary’ government buses, but prices vary from state to state.

Add around 50% to the ordinary fare for deluxe services, double the fare for air-conditioning, and triple or quadruple the fare for a two-by-two super-deluxe service.

Rajasthan Roadways offer discounts for female travellers.


Luggage is stored in compartments underneath the bus (sometimes for a small fee) or carried on the roof.

Arrive at least an hour before departure time – some buses cover roof-stored bags with a canvas sheet, making last-minute additions inconvenient/impossible.

If your bags go on the roof, make sure they’re securely locked, and tied to the metal baggage rack – unsecured bags can fall off on rough roads.

Theft is a (minor) risk: watch your bags at snack and toilet stops. Never leave day-packs or valuables unattended inside the bus.

Here the Best Bus prices we found out to share with Travellers 

 * Looking for Travel choose best Transport 

Delhi to Manali -Rs1200 semi sleeper volvo (Front seats for female )

Delhi to Mcleodganj-Rs1400



  • Ambar Fort Place

  • Museum

  • Observatory ( jantar mantar )

  • Hawa mahal

  • City palace

  • Maharajs palace

  • Birla mandir

  • 2*2 Ac LUXURY COACH ( MINI CAB) – Rs 750

  • 2*2 Ac LUXURY COACH (VOLVO) – Rs 1100

Luxury  tour to Haridwar-rishikesh

Places covered

  • Rishikesh

  • Laxman Jhoola

  • Geeta bhawan

  • Mansa devi temple

  • Har ki puri

  • River ganga

  • Avdhoot mahal

  • 2*2  NON Ac LUXURY COACH – Rs 550

  • 2*2 Ac LUXURY COACH – Rs 700

  • 2*2 Ac  LUXURY COACH (Volvo) – Rs 1000

New Delhi & Delhi Sight Seeing 

  • Birla mandir

  • Qutub minar

  • Lotus temple ( bhai house )

  • Indira Gandhi museum, india gate

  • Rashtrapati bhawan (i.t.d.c)

  • Lunch brake 2:00 to 2:30 pm (approx)

  • 2*2  Ac LUXURY COACH – Rs 350

  • 2*2  NON Ac LUXURY COACH – Rs 250

Luxury Tour to Taj-Agra

Places covered

  • Agra fort

  • Taj mahal

  • Mathura

  • Birth place of( lord Krishna )

  • Vrindavan

  • Playing place (lord Krishna)

  • 2*2 NON Ac LUXURY COACH – Rs 550

  • 2*2 Ac LUXURY COACH – Rs 700


  • 2*2 Ac LUXURY COACH (VOLVO) – Rs 1000

 *Buses Time and Cancellations can be done wovoyage also doing car pooling from Delhi to Agra Every weekend for more information write to us.

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