Covid19 pandemic making foreigners stranded in India

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

COVID-19 outbreak has got the world on an edge. Just when everyone was having fun and making plans to travel around the World, the virus has us locked down in our homes. However, do not worry, it is better to stay home and postpone any plans to travel to later in the year when hopefully it would be all over and we would be done with the after-effects of this outbreak.

While most of us were lucky, as one can say, that we were just only making plans to travel still sitting in the comforts of our home, some were already traveling and experiencing the cultures and lifestyles of different countries. These tourists unbeknownst to the fact that they will be stranded in that country were just looking to have some good time and fun vacations.

And so, there are many tourists stranded in India at the moment because of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 Worldwide and facing many challenges being away from their home. There are many people helping them to get accommodations and food supplies and helping them to find out ways they can get back to their country and their homes. Mr. Shubham Dharmsktu known for his instagram - Shubyatra, has taken the initiative to reach out to these stranded tourists and get them to safety. He has collaborated with Datstop Hostel in Delhi from where Mr. Dhruvin is helping them with providing the accommodation. They have partnered with the respective embassies and to get them safely to Delhi and get them together at Datstop.

We would like to call out to all the stranded tourists and let them know that they can reach out to their respective embassies and ask for help. The embassies are finding out homestays or hostels where they can stay and are distributing food supplies and healthcare supplies. They are also providing transport facilities to tourists in remote places to get to Delhi and stay there so they can help them with provisions to get back to their countries.

The Ministry of Tourism, the Government of India has also come out and has set up a portal "Stranded in India" in accordance to support the stranded tourists all over India, showing all the information about the help and services they can avail there. The portal is also being hosted on the Incredible India website which you might know as the official website of Indian Tourism. The tourists can get to know about the local State Tourism Departments and Regional Offices of the Ministry of Tourism to avail of the help and services they require.

At the moment there are around 40-45 tourists staying at the Datstop Hostel in Delhi and just helping each other to stay positive and together in these times of need. They are from different countries from around the World and staying together not giving a second thought to their religion or ethnicity. They just aim to stay together now and help each other out to stay healthy and positive.

The respective embassies along with the Indian Tourism Ministry are helping the stranded tourists to get to this hostel and getting them the food and health supplies in the best way possible keeping in mind the social distancing to be safe from the virus.

Wovoyage team is happy and proud of these steps taken to keep the Foreign tourists safe and healthy and is ready to provide our support in any way possible to help the embassies, the Indian Ministry of Tourism or Mr. Shubham and Mr. Dhruvin in keeping this up.

We would like to reach out to all the foreign tourists anywhere in India in need of any help or support to contact us or the organizations nearby and help us get aware of your presence there. We are available to extend our resources to you and help you get back to your home.

You can reach out to us in any way possible.

Call us:

Mr. Shubham: +91 9409171544

Datstop: +91 8291601371

Write to us:



Reach out to Ministry of Tourism, Government of India: or

Reach us through our social media:




We look forward to hearing from you and extending our hands to help you. We only wish the best and hope this all gets better and everyone is safe and reaches their home soon.

With this Pandemic at the worst, we join our hands and pray for everyone for good health and request everyone to stay indoors and stay safe. or

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