Destination Weddings: Not a Far-fetched Idea Anymore

We live in an era today, where we do not mind going the extra mile to add ‘class’ to what we do. A wedding is one such example where we come across innovative and fancy ways of celebration, where everyone is trying to make it a unique and memorable event.

Destination wedding is a new trend being witnessed among couples today. The concept is on the rise, and why not? Who wouldn’t want to tie the knot amidst lush greens or sparkling white sand surrounded by crystal clear water? The internet is thriving with ideas to make destination weddings a breath-taking experience, by offering exotic locations and packages. Social media too, contributes in giving rise to such aspirations. When we see our immediate peers travelling to exotic locations with their better halves & families, we too wish to live our wedding day just like them or even better.

Weddings are meant to be not just exciting but also relaxing for everybody; to enjoy family time while taking a break from the routine chores. A picturesque location alongside friends & family is the perfect plan for this season of forthcoming nuptials. For this, the concept of destination weddings is highly gaining popularity especially among women. Women as we know are both corporate and household jugglers. It is truly a dream come true for any woman to indulge into the occasion with her beloved at a destination that serves as a good relaxing break from hectic work life. In this fast-paced world, weddings are now becoming immensely rejuvenating and exciting.

Many women are also exploring the wanderlust in them turning into aspiring travellers. A passing thought about destination weddings is sure to cross every traveller woman’s mind while she is on her getaway. Unfortunately for some, it remains a pipe dream. No matter how much one yearns for an extraordinary wedding, many women may park the idea at a second thought due to constrained earnings or budgets.

Today’s professional women tend to take complete responsibility to finance their own desires, their way. Be it birthdays, success parties or any other social events, women nowadays prefer spending out of their own pockets. Although family savings are still prevalent in most houses, especially for important occasions like wedding; but they may not be enough to meet the requirements of new-age women. Their practical approach to every decision and the immense exposure to different available options, allow them to plan their finances in the most suitable manner.

Banking loans have been the age-old solution that most people look up to. However, we are now on the path to a digital world where every kind of aid is just few clicks away. Technology innovations in the finance industry have opened a host of opportunities for everyone, allowing them to live their life at the fullest. One such booming digital concept in India is the Peer-to-Peer lending. Albeit fairly new, it is a better alternative and proves to be a great resource for easy loans. With simple eligibility criteria and hassle-free loan disbursement process, the P2P lending industry is gaining popularity among millennial women. This industry can actually fulfil the loan or aspirational need of every netizen of the country. In this direction, RBI has also recently introduced regulations for p2p lending platforms, making them a legal entity to lend money.

It has also been observed that a lot of women have begun to borrow from P2P lending platforms to fulfil their wedding desires. Few hot spots that have been in trend for such wedding concepts include cities such as Goa, Mussoorie, Jaipur and kerela. Internationally too, destinations like Koh Samui (Thailand), Maldives, Fiji Islands, Bali or Seychelles are amongst the most opted locations for weddings/honeymoons by millennial couples.

So, let financial hurdles take a back seat. Indulge into celebrating your once in a lifetime opportunity, while you take a smarter and practical step towards enabling it. Have everything in place way before time and take off for your big day at your most awaited destination.

The author is the Chief Executive Officer& Founder of LenDenClub, one of India’s fastest growing P2P Platforms

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