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Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Bali is where tranquillity resides and meets with vast spirituality. It’s a perfect destination to retreat, calm your inner self and nourish your soul. Breathtaking nature, organic food, peace and sacred places – all of these Bali provides you. Here are things which you definitely cannot miss being in Bali to make the most of the paradise.

Wander through lush rice fields

Balinese wildlife is kind of a heaven for nature lovers. Unspoilt, never ending greenery will make you run out of words. If you are interested in photography, try to spot farmers among rice fields. They put huge respect for their own motherland and it’s beautiful to observe. The most famous are the ancient rice terraces of Jatiluwih in West Bali, recognised by UNESCO.

Submerge yourself in spirituality

Even while sipping coffee there is a chance for you to see religious processions going on in Seminayak or Ubud for example. People dressed with elegance, with fruit pyramids on their heads and bunches of flowers will catch your sight until they’ll disappear behind the corner. Richness of colours and good vibes stay in memories for long. In Bali there are plenty of majestic temples, probably more temples than houses, so you have huge variety to choose from. The most highlighted one is Tanah Lot, located off the shore of Baraban village in west part of the island. Another famous spiritual destination is Uluwatu, a temple situated on a cliff top will leave you speechless especially during golden hours when traditional dance performance happens.

Pampering in Balinese spa

Bali is one of these places in the world where your mind, soul and heart are aligned. To intensify the blissfulness make sure you spend some time being pampered in one of world famous Balinese spas. Massage techniques are perfect holiday prescriptions along with baths full of exotic flower petals. Can you feel the bliss and intoxicating mixture of essential oils already?

Experience variety of mesmerizing beaches

To start with white sands, through palm-fringed ones to hidden beaches between cliffs, each one of them is worth visitng, especially for sun worshippers and surfers. The most popular ones are Kuta, Legian and Seminayak. Also Jimbaran Beach is well-known for its picturesque scenery. If you are fond of hidden beaches then go for Uluwatu. You can also have a boat trip to Gili Islands. They are technically not a part of Bali, but in close distance for a perfect island gateway. As a trendiest place in Bali Canggu has to be mentioned. Whatever you crave to eat, it’s there – from mouthwatering steaks, vegan delicacies to desserts loaded with chocolate lavas.

Hidden treasures

Bali is not only about beaches, jungles may surprise you with their pure beauty. Great activity for adventurous souls is to look for hidden waterfalls. Insanely beautiful is Sekumpul Waterfall in Singaraja and to see it from a close distance requires some effort, but as soon as you will see the place, you won’t think about anything else apart from its beauty. Make sure you won’t miss Niagara Falls of Bali – Niagara Munduk in Buleleng. If you are fond of highest attitudes then find NungNung Waterfall in Petang and get your camera ready for amazing pictures.

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