Eat with me in Japan!

I was in JAPAN when you called the last time.

Why? ask me about it.

Sushi took me there.

Food is the major attraction that can pull human to cross their boundaries of countries or cities.

Japanese FOOD is one big pull.It is not only healthy and fresh, but the presentation of the food makes your eyes pause.

Must try :


Sushi being the most famous of all ,really has strong reasons behind.

It is a dish combining vinegar rice and sea food.Sometimes other ingredients are also used such as eggs etc.Sushi is one common food and you can find it all around Japan, but the sushi from restaurants in high class areas like Ginza or close to fishing ports is especially delicious.If you are looking to eat cheaply, you can simply visit a kaitenzushi, or conveyor belt restaurants, where you can enjoy sushi for 100 yen a plate.

2. Curry rice

While curry has its origins in India,the curry in Japan is unique.It is made with meat and vegetables, specifically carrots, potatoes, onions etc.) and flavoured with curry powder, stewed, and served with rice. While there are some specialist curry restaurants, you will not really have any problem at regular restaurant too regarding this dish.

3. Karaage

All you chicken lovers out there, here is your dream dish.

Karate is chicken seasoned with soy sauce, salt and number of diff

erent spices, sprinkled with starch and fried in oil.Just like punjabi chicken, it is the Japanese fried chicken but the flavour is extremely different.There is varieties to this where the karate are covered in tartare sauce or tebasaki, where the karate is covered in sweet and spicy sauce.Highly recommended.

4. Tempura

It is a fried snack made majorly from seafood and vegetables.All types of vegetables are used In making this.The size of the piece is such that it has to be taken up and eaten in one bite.Although it is completely fired, it doesn’t really look that much.Tempura is served with Tetsuyu sauce which is a mix of soy sauce, ginger, radish and spices.

5. Soba

Soba noodles are made by buckwheat flour and this is the reason behind their colour.It is a very popular fast food and comparatively cheap.These noodles are thin and can be eaten hot or cold..There are shops ate various corners in Japan which specifically cook soba noodles r you can easily find them In the super markets to cook them fresh at home.These can be eaten with any kind of sauce may be mentsuyu sauce and enjoyed at any time.

6. Ramen

Visit Japan and forget Ramen? that is next to impossible.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish, with Chinese-style wheat or egg noodles served in a very rich broth along with cooked sliced pork, fresh scallions, and a maybe slightly-more-than-soft-boiled egg. The dish differs from Vietnamese pho, which has a lighter broth, rice noodles, and beef rather than pork. Ramen is a must taste in Japan and your journey is incomplete without it touching your tongue.

7. Green tea—not just Tea

Green tea is the most famous drink in Japan.These are available at the tea houses and these places are the most peaceful and calm four walls.It is the most typical drink of Japan which is served with a team of its own.In Japan, green tea is always served with sweets, japanese sweets.These sweets are the tastiest, having most beautiful shapes and colours in the world.The most common sweets of Japan are Ade of beans or sometimes with matcha.

8. Matcha Tea

Matcha is a powdered form of green tea that can be mixed with hot water to produce traditional matcha tea, and can also be used to flavour food and other beverages. It is revered for numerous health attributes, including antioxidants, mood enhancing properties, and just enough caffeine to deliver a gentle boost of alertness.There is no better place in the world to try authentic matcha tea than at a tea ceremony or cafe in Japan. If Japan, then must is the word for matcha.

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