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Gateway To The Garhwal Himalayas

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Rishikesh, a 7th largest city in India proofs to be a perfect weekend adventure destination especially for those who are adventurous in their lives. The town is a famous tourist spot and major pilgrimage spot for Hindus as well. This place offers a multitude of adventurous activities that attract tourists there. It is also famous for various shrines and yoga ashrams.

Mainly, it is famous for river rafting for youngsters with all the necessary safety measures provided. Camping should be a must whenever you are in Rishikesh. A stay near the riverside with cold winds and beautiful weather is all you need to relax the body and mind. Bonfire night can be an additional source of happiness under the sky and stars, you can have music and some gala time along with your companions. Sounds like going now?

Body surfing is one of the most popular adventure activity. All you need to do is just relax your body and have a full feel of the waves crossing by your side. It is important to just streamline your body. Cliff jumping is another adventure activity for which the height is 25 to 30 feet. But, it is not necessary to jump from that height. You can jump from more or less height than the basic one. The height of the jump also varies from the water level of the Ganges and the river current. Rock climbing, rappelling, and hiking are full-fledged adventure activities and they are all different.

It totally depends upon the person whether they are willing to go for the activities or just enjoy watching them. Rappelling is one of the most daring adventure activity offered in Rishikesh. It means that a person needs to climb the rock through a rope. The rope is tied to the base, which is set above the rock face. An extra rope is also tied to the harness to ensure safety, don’t worry. This activity surely boosts one’s confidence. The rope is controlled by the instructor and released steadily as the person lower itself.

So, girls get ready to showcase your inner strength by performing all the activities and get rid of from your weaknesses. It is a great place for shopping for religious items, books, clothes, and handicrafts. Walk around as much as you can, keeping a watch on plentiful monkeys. Book your seat for 24th May to 27th May and have a thrilling fun-filled adventure weekend beating the heat on Women Only Tour Rishikesh Adventure by wovoyage. For any questions, you can contact: info@wovoyage.com, +919911194194


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