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Get Yourself Locked In Bhutan

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

If you want to explore monasteries, forts and escaped landscapes, then Bhutan is a country where you can have dramatic views from plains to steep mountains. As this is called the happiest country in South Asia, I think this place is worth visiting.

Thimphu which is the capital city has a European like weather experience for all the visitors. So what are you waiting for? We have Buddha Point which is of shining Golden color in a sitting position. Although let me tell you the secret behind it- according to people viewing at the statue, they are not just looking at one Buddha but 125,000 of them. Isn’t it amazing? They have more Buddhas than human beings. Then, there is another unique point known as Memorial Chorten which is white with spires of gold made in honor of the father of the third king of the country.

Tashichho Dzong popularly known as “fortress of the glorious religion” is an impressive Buddhist monastery that houses the Bhutanese government and stands on the right side of the Wangchu River.

The scenic beauty of Bhutan is due to its climatic conditions and the location of course. The high clad mountains and valleys come under the top ten most important biodiversity spots. The huge attraction of Bhutan is its perceived and actual focus on peacefulness. In restaurants and hotels, locals are attractively dressed, polite and genuinely helpful. They encourage to visit the countryside and monasteries instead of shopping malls to visitors which is an opportunity to immerse themselves within, rather than simply pass through the spirit of Buddhism.

A few years ago, Gross National Happiness was identified by the nation as being more important than Gross National Product (GNP). Monasteries- which are massive and commanding abound monks, when not in prayer, meditation or chores, they are often found playing board games, sharing stories, laughing or all of them. Archery is the national sport and green chili pepper together with ‘cheesy sauce’ is the national dish.

I think there is a magic in the air when you entered into Bhutan. People just see or I can say feel the positivity of the place as the view is wide open and relative proximity to Paro Airport is convenient. The design is based on the Dzong concept which refers to local ancient fortress architecture. Their focus is on the mindfulness and embracing the calmness of Bhutan, so they are providing spaces to promote that.

Let’s get our summers ready for this out of the world experience to the landlocked country and fill up the phones’ galleries with many snapshots! Just book your tour with us for any of the three departures- 20th April to 25th April, 18th May to 23rd May and 3rd June to 8th June.

Tight your shoes and pack your bags!

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