Holi - Travel Tips for The Most Colorful Festival in India

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

One of the greatest aspect of travelling is experiencing the local culture. The best moment to feel it deeply is the festival time. If only you are flexible it is recommended to check the dates for festivals in a country where you plan to travel to. Not only you can be a part of joyful time but most probably you will try the best food made specially for the time of celebration. So it's double-worthy cause food is life, right?

India is the country of festivals. Every month there is some kind of festival for followers of at least one religion. In addition, there are many local festivals connected with the region or particular beliefs. One of the biggest celebration is Holi which happens in March (in 2019 21st March) and it's celebrated in India for thousands years. This festival is celebrated by everyone in whole India, espescially north & central part. It is highly connected with joy, colours and spreading happiness wherever you celebrate. Many countries adopted the concept and in stadiums they organise parties called festivals of colours. The sad part is that most of the people abroad dont know where the concept comes from and whats the meaning behind it. If you travel to India in March thats an amazing chance to get to know about it and experience it on your own in the most authentic way!

Pushkar, little city in Rajasthan, is well known for crazy Holi celebration. The city gets busy with Indian people as well as foreigners so make sure to book your stay in advance. People dance in the streets, pour colorful water everywhere and everything is covered in colour powders. First thing which you need to know: for Holi wear bright clothes, on white Tshirt colours will be nicely visible and put on such clothes which you can throw away the day after because most probably you wont be able to wash the colours off. Also protect your electronic devices or dont take them with you, cause you never know when someone is going to pour colorful water on you. If you are a girl who travel solo in the time of Holi, try to find some friends to not to be alone in this colorful madness. You will have more fun with new folks and you would feel more comfortable in the crowd. I suggest to watch out for drunk boys or avoid super crowded gatherings. Unfortunately, sexual harrasments are common in the time of Holi.

If Pushkar madness sounds like too much for you then you can celebrate Holi in specially created events. Many Holi parties are organized in Delhi or Mumbai, prices of the tickets vary, depends on the location, line-up and attractions.

For Holi celebration Mathura and Vrindavan are the most famous destinations. Both cities are in Uttar Pradesh and are located very close to each other. These are holy places of Lord Krishna so you can celebrate next to or even in the hindu temples. Children are dressed up as Krishna and Radha, there is a parade with flowers and lots of colours. In Vrindavan there is unique Holi celebration performed by widows. They gather together and throw colours into each other. This is one of the best experience for photographers. Holi celebration of widows can be amazing and best for female solo travellers. Both cities, Mathura and Vrindavan, are very crowded during Holi and few days before too.

Holi is a street festival so everywhere people celebrate throwing colours. If you have Indian friends ask them to show you how they celebrate. On Holi day get coloured and stuff your tummy with delicious ladoos (indian round shaped sweets).

Would like to plan your Holi trip? Let us know, write on info@wovoyage.com and we will make sure that you will get the most colorful memories of your trip! #Holi #holiness #girlswhotravel #festival #India #incredibleindia #festivalofcolours

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