JAPAN & It's FOUR GEM - Tokyo, Osaka , Mt. Fuji , Kyoto ( 面白いね )

Tokyo ( ディズニーランド )

There's no age for having fun . even at the age of 60s you can feel your childhood at an amazing place named Disney land . no matter a child or an adult or an aged ,everyone gets excited on the name of Disneyland . Disneyland in Tokyo japan is a wonderful fun providing place . a themed park based on fairytales and Disney characters . whenever the name fairytales comes we starts imagining fairy queens castles and stuff and yes we can feel it in Disneyland. the park has 7 themed land - adventure land, western land, fantasyland, tomorrow land , critter country and mickey's town. a beautiful country and a beautiful place . pooh's hunny hunt, splash mountain are the attractions for children and the grownups have their own kinda enjoy in Disney sea where the most popular attraction is beer. one day is not really enough to roam around and enjoy such a dream coming true . As a cherry over cake Disneyland and Disney sea has a web app that shows wait time for all the attractions in real time

Disney buses are also available which takes you to the major areas in near Tokyo .Last but not least no trip is a trip without shopping things a mandatory work in our to-do-list SHOPPING ,there is a themed shopping mall called ikspiari . a perfect vacay destination for all the travel lovers , if you miss it ... your bad!

OSAKA ( 食べ物の)


Japanese food is not only good at looks but at taste too . its like a struggle for vegetarians but a party time for non vegetarians . Osaka is a large port city and commercial centre of Japanese island Honshu . its mainly known for its architecture , nightlife , hearty street food . its been said that people of Osaka spends more on food. the term ' kuidaore' is used to describe the food culture here which means eat until you drop . takoyaki, okonomiyaki , kushikatsu kitsune udon are the name of some Japanese mouth watering dishes.

the best ever place to experience the Japanese cheapest food is at neon-laden dotonbori district near namba station . . Be it India or japan or any other country food is for stomach filling leave the worries about billing .

10 must try dishes of Japanese food are:

1 - sushi and sashimi

2 - ramen

3 - okonomiyaki

4 - udon

5 - Yuba

6 - soba

7 - tempura

8 - gyoza

9 - yakiniku

10 - curry rice

mouth watering dishes would always make you travel to japan again and again .

Mt. Fuji (ふじさん)

The most beautiful creation of god in japan mountain Fuji. Mt. Fuji is an active volcano about 100 kilometres . its commonly called Fuji san . misfortune is when hiking mt Fuji ain't in your bucket list . a truly majestic place . a place where you can feel what the inner peace is . a craggy place with a positive and cool vibes . wonderful snow-capped mountain . japan is a country where all the different and beautiful stuff is found and none can deny that it is the main attraction of japan . trekkers may love hiking over it, and for those who are nature lover , its might seem like a temple to you all. place - admirably wooded where people are packed and hooded , distant and tall but make sure you don't fall. the beauty which resides here is unexplainable ' precipitously brown which beautifully carries a crown'. The mountain which is grey and watchful ,rugged pyramid-shaped lofty blue . Mt. Fuji is japans ' three holy mountains along with mount tate and mount haku . it is also a place of scenic beauty and one of japans historic site . it was added on world heritage list . it hides behind clouds and snow perhaps resting still attracts diehards like magnets oh, Japanese pride. whenever I ever think of Mt Fuji , kirei - which means beautiful always strikes in my mind . oh dear Fuji san you are so beautiful , glorious ,snowy and majestic .

Kyoto ( ファッション )

Kyoto (ファッション)

fashion is carrying a simpler cloth in a stylish manner is fashion. Youth or adult , fashion is the thing everyone is attracted by . makeup,clothing, accessories . one should know how to carry all these . One's way of talking and dressing and behaving reflects his manners but fashion way too. japan is a beautiful country where people go mad on the name of fashion, clothing , makeovers and accessories . like india has there traditional outfit saree for women same as saree Japanese people have kimono as their traditional dress , which they wear on formal occasions . kimono was also known as gofuku( 五福) before the taisho period.There was an event named Japanese street fashion held in 2016 and 2017 , considering the speed at which trends , brands , shops and people come and go through fashion . though the styles have changed over the years but the street fashion is still prominent in Tokyo today . ever wondered why is fashion spreading all over the world like a its in the air, I wish I knew the secret , but its is the most common way of attracting people towards you or being a centre of attraction . some of the best cloth selling brands in japan are - A bathing ape , uniqlo , visvim , kenzo . the way youth dress up and the way they carry everything nowadays seems difficult to their parents but for them its an easy task . for girls they need matching shoes , accessories , and bags with their dress. so in India happens . youth is crazy about fashion . Girls are always seen on the first number whenever it comes to fashion but nowadays boys are less in no case , even boys have started going salons and have started their makeover things , boy do carry makeup too . Be it a piercing or a hairstyle or clothing or makeup boys are equally stepping ahead with girls . India has saree and japan has kimono as their traditional dress but everyone nowadays has switched to western dresses like formal shirts and trousers and one pieces. Japanese people are so decent , they carry their outfit as well as makeup in a very gentle manner . They dress so formal and carries makeup as no makeup-makeup look .

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