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Updated: Jan 3, 2020

It is a very refreshing experience to be in the laps of sea, especially when you come from a highly urbanised city like Delhi. I visited Goa last month and it was the most liberal and freeing experience of my life. I almost felt like I was living in a bird cage in Delhi and found my sky in the sea waters of Goa.

However, with an increase in Goan tourism, many travellers feel that there is an unnecessary hype around this place or that it is overrated. I had pretty similar views. It is only after visiting Goa I realised that there is a refreshing calm even in the crowded and loud night life of Goa. I remember dancing my soul out in Club Cubana, and that being such a cathartic experience for me. For a moment you just forget about the troubles of your city life. It may sound funny, but I almost felt like I was meditating in a night club. And the morning after was even more amazing.

I had my breakfast on the shacks of Anjuna beach, after a night of partying. I remember sitting on the same shack the entire day. The sky, the sea, the sun, in fact the entire landscape looked so beautiful from there that I kept gazing it the whole day. Apart from the mesmerizing view, Goan food is a different delight altogether. I am sure there are many sea food restaurants in cities like Delhi or Mumbai, however, having sea food ( the best fish dishes ever ) with an amazing sea view is something you can experience in Goa only.

When it comes to shopping, I can give my heart for boho stuff. I found the most cool boho-ish stuff on the beach-side markets at an affordable prices. Talking about the pricing part, there's a tiny alert for foreigners, these shop owners will try to fool you. Do not give more than 500 INR for a dress. These flea markets are a cluster of shops on the sea side. I didn't even realise when I lost track of time and also lost my friends while shopping. When you roam inside these shops, you can feel the true essence of Goa. It's like you are in the heart of Goa. For all the girls out there, you can find the best maxi dresses, hats, earrings, which you won't find in any H&M or Zara stores.

The architecture of Goa is another visual delight. The churches are so beautifully built. Even the domestic houses look so pretty. Goa has an amazing and colorful architecture that you have something to gaze even while travelling from one place to another.

I am a slightly lazy traveller so I missed out on water sports. That happens when you spend an entire day on a beach shack. However I am sure I will indulge in some water sports too when I visit the next time. Goa is now, at least once in two years visit for me. Goa is like a movable feast, you can it with you wherever you go. However, it will never be enough.

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