Updated: Jan 28, 2020

A Road trip through one of the most highly populated places on earth might feel like an another-worldly experience. The world of road trips is a full whirlwind and carefree adventure, but there are quite a few things to keep in mind before you begin.


If you are traveling in the countryside, so make sure that there will not be an ATM and bank facilities everywhere. Even all the shops don’t entertain payments via cards. So carrying cash comes handy. FIRST AID

Keep a set of medicines for minor discomforts, illnesses, and injuries. Prescription medicines such as antipyretics, antacids, and travel sickness tablets will help you in your journey. Besides, a first aid kit should be kept handy. MAPS

I know your wise enough to do proper research before setting off on your journey and follow a planned route. So, keep a physical map with your entire chalked out. Google maps offline is also a smarter way to make sure that you on the right track as Google maps might ditch you or may not work everywhere because of poor signals. MOBILE PHONE AND CHARGER

Mobile phones are everywhere with you wherever you are going. More important is to carry a charger or travel adapter, so that mobile never runs out of battery.


If you have space why not pack your bed linen? Especially if you are traveling in winters, pillow and blanket become more significant. You have to be comfortable if you are going to drive overnight. You can also take a nap while the second person comes to drive. CAMERA

No matter whether you are going to the mountains, beaches or any other places. Carry a camera with you to capture those unforgettable moments. You may also take pictures of a good quality mobile camera.


It is important to carry some good roadworthy playlist as music will keep you entertained and alert during your journey. The car radio can entertain you for about an hour, but then as you would be crossing different locations, the music stations may get fuzzy. Also, you will experience various type of mood swings during travel, make sure that you have songs which cover your every mood swings. So it would be better for you to carry your music playlist on a road trip. WATER AND SNACKS

If possible you can also carry lunch for the first meal after you start driving. During a road trip, you may across shops, restaurants, and hygienic food and beverages. Carrying snacks and drinks will not just only give you fuel for a whole day but limit you from devouring unhygienic food. Energy bars, biscuits, fruits, and nuts are also a great option to snack on. So, If you carry them with your next road trip they can save you from hunger. CLOTHES

If you are planning on camping, then you might not be able to wash clothes or have enough time to dry them. Also, prioritize quick-dry clothes over others. Jeans are one of the best options, not during summers though. SUNSCREEN

A good sunscreen is one of the things that should always be found in your road trip packing list. Because it will be going to save you from that drastic tanning while you are on the road. Applying sunscreen will also reduce the risk of skin cancer significantly. WET WIPES OR TOWELS

On the road trip essentials, small-sized towels or handy wet wipes box is a must when it comes to packing your bag for a road trip. These things will keep you fresh, keep the grime away and ensure facial hydration throughout the long journey. ELECTRIC KETTLE

It is a real lifesaver when you are stuck in a hotel without a geyser on a chilly morning and then there are times when you quickly fix a bowl of maggie, instant noodles, tea or coffee. FLIP FLOPS

If you are going to a tropical beach town, these are your friends forever. If you are traveling through hilly terrain, you can kick back your shoes once in a while and get into a pair of flip flops to rest your feet. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS

Always keep your photocopies and original documents of your ID like driving license, pan card, passport, and car registration number, etc. Take car registration papers handly. Also, take 3-4 passport size photographs. All other important documents for you might not mention here. Click for Passport and Visa assistance


Always prepare a handy carry bag so that you don't have to open big bags again and again for small items. If you traveling for a few days via train or by car better to keep extra clothes, towels, and undergarments with you. For coming travel plans contact us:

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