Vision "India Gate"

We often visit the same place different number of times , but every visit introduces us to new stories.The beauty of the place enhances with the stories of different individuals and hence the same place turns out to be a new experience,sometimes a new learning experience.

Families eating ice creams together,parents teaching their children the story behind and others trying to earn their living,the entire view is mesmerizing and this place?this place has lot to offer.

These bubbles,they simply glorify the beauty and remind me of those who came like smiling bubbles for us and went leaving us with just memories,the pain of their leaving and respect in our heart which we could not shower on them.

This place is the mixture of emotions,where people visit and cherish their bond of togetherness with smiling bubbles but at the same time

we miss their being together with a heavy bubble we can't keep on our palms anymore.


Because we look at things in a different way

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