Why Solo Travel? Reasons Why Travelling Solo Is the Best Thing You Can Do

Many people think of travelling as an all-inclusive holiday or that travelling is for rich people only. While it doesn’t have to be expensive and it may occur as best investment, not an expanse. Investing in yourself to travel is more rewarding and will give you more happiness than buying an expensive technology items. Personally I feel that nothing makes you grow so much as a person as travelling solo. Any journey lets you see things from a different perspective. You learn so much being exposed to a new culture, new surrounding, seeing different things and alone means not necessarily a safety risk. Moreover, while you discover world, you self-discover too. Nothing is more profitable than taking care of your inner self and learning at the same time.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

Blue City, Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India

You Get Skills

When you choose to travel solo you get skills everyday. To start with practice of a foreign language or at least different accent, through arranging transport, to adapting new culture customs. It’s not easy when you can only rely on yourself, but trust me it’s more educational than anything else. When you go out of your comfort zone you learn more. Solo travelling teaches you time management and it’s an obligatory skill for any job I guess. Because of the fact that things rarely go according to a plan, your creativity, patience and organization abilities are going to boost to a new level. Seeing new surrounding, observing how people live in different places makes you think about being grateful for what you have. It may inspire you to make a change in your place or lifestyle. Maybe after the journey you’ll feel inspired with new cuisine and another dishes will pop up in your kitchen.

Distance Is Healthy

Physical distance makes you see things different way. Some problems may no longer bother you or they won’t seem worth focusing on. In addition, when you travel solo you spend most of your time with yourself so it means you have time to think, to focus on things which maybe were in the background of normal everyday life. Processing stuff while travelling carries new fresh impact to the mind. Being away from home brings on a chance to confront your problems or doubts, more reasonable thinking starts when you have some distance. Experiencing new culture inspires people to open their minds to different ways of thinking. All time truth is adventures feed your soul & mind. Wanderlust is a key to lock sorrows far away from your heart.

Complete Freedom

Whenever you do travel with family or friends, it’s normal that everyone wants to do other things and spend time differently. While traveling solo you focus on yourself, it only depends on you where you are going to be tomorrow and what time you’ll eat. It’s also the greatest opportunity to meet new people, because you are not surrounded with your circle so other folks can approach you easily and you can do same whenever you want to. If you stay in hostels it’s a great opportunity to meet fellow travellers and share experiences, views on particular points. The best thing is that you can make friends around the world which widen your horizons even more. I can’t wait to participate in my Egyptian friend’s wedding, just saying! So let's travel alone and explore, shall we?

Boosting Confidence

Traveling solo might seem challenging or even scary in the beginning, but with every step your confidence boosts. Things which we do for the first time are usually demanding, but after few more tries it will be natural to ask locals for tips, talk to random people wherever you are, because it makes you know the culture better and it might give you opportunities which you probably wouldn’t face sitting in a hotel or having package family holidays. You are going to love the feeling of achievement after making your solo trip.

Take Inspiration From Women Who Made the History

Every of us feel scared before taking the first solo journey, it’s natural. Probably Laura Dekker who sailed solo around the world at the age of 16 was frightened too. She settled the world record and shown true girl power! Any girl can become whoever she wants and do whatever she wants to. Like Amelia Earhart, an absolute example of courage and determination, she saved money to buy herself some flying lessons and later her own plane. She broke the record of highest altitude for a female aviator in 1922. These are permanent inspirations which can make you feel capable of doing what you truly want! Being a woman you are able to do things which make you feel the most alive and free. It’s the time to let yourself travel and have fun!

Travel Kit: Easily Forgotten Items

I would like to share with you a few things which don’t come to my mind first when I’m packing, these items can be easily forgotten, but are truly essential, especially when you are a solo going traveller or when you do backpacking:

  • a small washing powder pack - it makes your life easier and your suitcase lighter, you can carry less outfits

  • a laundry clothesline – no matter if your stay is in a guesthouse or in the jungle, having this just easily hang your clothes and let them dry

  • a laundry bag – an item which makes your clothes easy to separate, you can easily find what needs to be washed

  • a lip balm – to protect lips in hot destinations as well as cold ones and in the flights

  • a socket adapter – I’m definitely not the only person who does forget about this little thingy, you can buy it in many hotels and probably in every airport, but you will face overpaying so better not to forget it

  • a hand sanitizer or wet wipes – backpackers’ best buddies

  • a quick drying towel – guarantees more space in your luggage and no stinky problems

  • basic medicines which you know that work with you – painkiller, activated characoal for stomach problems, antidiarrheal pills are a must and an assurance that unexpected things won’t spoil your trips

  • a scarf – whenever you get cold while traveling it is your life-saver, the best for dealing with AC in flights or cabs, very useful when you are visiting temples around the world

Let us know if you are ready for your next trip!

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